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Our various programmes cater to different age ranges of youths spanning as young as 5 years old children to 15 years old teens.

Design ArKIDtect (Long-term Workshops): 5-9yrs old
Creative ArKIDtect (Long-term Workshops): 9-12yrs old
Holiday Camps: 5-15yrs old
ArKIDtect For A Day (Short-term Workshops): 5-9yrs old
This is a multidisciplinary programme that will allow your children to learn through experiential and active learning. Applying the subject base learning in school such as math, science, language and arts into design and architecture.

Enabling your child to learn how to learn, learn how to communicate and collaborate with one another to solve real-life problems.

Our range of programs at BEEP Lab take on a Tiered Pricing structure with different workshops/camps priced at different levels so as to cater to the needs of every BEEP Parent.  Enquire to find out more!

There are 10 kids per class. Each class there will be One main Design tutor and one assistant to support.
The team at BEEP Lab consists of teachers, coaches, mentors and facilitators who are also architecturally-trained designers. They see the everydayness of the built environment as a fertile ground to engage the young learners to enable them to uncover the insights and intrigues of making buildings and cities. Their professional knowledge and their diverse design-learning experiences enable them to transform the banality of daily encounters with our living spaces into novel, refreshing and captivating activities to challenge the children and the teens.
We are born to be creative and to create. All children and creative. And BEEP LAB is here to facilitate and nurture that innate ability through very tangible and hands on project based learning approaches. Creativity and innovation needs to be nurtured and inculcated from young, so that they will be able to develop the awareness and ability to build their confidence to communicate their ideas visually( through drawings) , visually ( by making 3D models) and verbally ( by presenting ).
The hallmarks of each learning activity is about enjoying and drawing lessons from the moments of discovery or achievement of a feat in the process of knowing how buildings, cities and parks are designed and built.

Underpinning these learning activities are the integrated pedagogical principles of experiential learning and inductive learning. The emphasis on learning by doing or making is key in enabling the participants to make sense of their experiences and to form stronger mnemonic impressions.

The design of the learning journey is always contextualized in a project-based or a problem-based scenario. Described by Prince and Felder in the essay “The Many Faces of Inductive Teaching and Learning”, the inductive methods of teaching and learning often present students with a challenge and then they acquire what they need know to engage the challenge.