How can AR.C.HI.TEC.TURE enable students to flourish?

Education begins with the heart — the desire to shape and nurture our soul, mind and body to become a holistic person. It involves learning about compassion, empathy and a curiosity to discover. I believe education can support students in gaining the awareness and sensitivity that helps differentiate between what is black and white and make sense of the different shades of grey. Education teaches one to take a firm stand on anything worth fighting for — it defines a man’s soul, spirit and heart.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation does not need to be new; in fact, nothing under the sun is truly new. But the act of innovation starts with taking responsibility and ownership of things — the willingness to take extra steps to better our approach in learning.

When we realise that we are forever learning throughout various points of ourlives, that is the key towards education. There is no finish line, as we are always on the path of learning, discovery and refinement of ourselves so as to serve others around us.



Our design workshops address various scenarios and issues related to our environment. The programmes are curated by understanding the learning needs of children and our education partners. This creates unique design briefs in each workshop. In addressing the design brief, participants apply our design thinking process, ‘DIG DEEP’, to explore and propose design solutions, allowing them to effectively respond to the given scenario.
Arkidtect for a day
In this holiday camp, children explored Gillman Barracks and observed the natural and built environment in the area. As an Arkidtect for the day, they used different elements of sketching such as perspective, proportion, shadows and texture, to create a 3D pop-up drawing that they brought home!
Underground Arkidtect
In this camp, Arkidtects designed an underground city, taking into consideration possible structures and buildings. To showcase their vision of an underground city, they translated their drawings into a formicarium, by creating a mould and de- signed its landscape just like how they imagined it to be.
A-Maze Arkidtects
In this workshop, we challenged Arkidtects to design mazes of varying sizes (from table sized to life sized) and varying heights (with peak points and roundabouts). They were provided with shared recycled materials. As materials were limited, they had to scavenge for them and think of ways to meet the criterias in the maze challenges.
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Educator training provides a platform for educators to deepen their understanding of design thinking, allowing them to better facilitate inquiry based learning for their class. This involves cross-disciplinary activities and discussions with our architectural designers. The training also provides an opportunity for team building between educators through the learning of design thinking. Upon the completion of the training, educators are also given the opportunity to co-lead programmes with our facilitators in Proj AiR. Through these training sessions, educators become more prepared to enhance the design learning experience of their class.
Project Architect in Residence

Project AiR aims to establish a series of educator workshops and forums that seeks to facilitate educators to think deeper about how we can apply design thinking methodologies to enhance our ability to develop leading, guiding and applicational questions that can inspire our pre school learners to be actively involved in the inquiry based project learning process.
Professional Development
Designers of the mind

Through our design based workshops, teachers are empowered and refreshed with creative approaches to gather and synthesis practical ways to facilitate an inquiry based learning projects for the preschool learners. We want to unlock the design thinking skills that are already in them to develop learning experiences for children.
Joy of Building Workshop
Team Building

Team Building workshops encompasses the emphasis of designing learning experience to draw out the creativity in educators. Team building activities that experiential and encourages the participants involved in the built, natural and cultural environment.


BEEP Lab co-organises events and exhibitions with partners and organisations to promote the learning of design and Architecture. These short hands-on design workshops introduce participants to different aspects of Architecture such as city planning, form making , drawings and ideation. They are given opportunities to learn through drawing, crafts and model making using different materials, allowing them to take away some processes of design in Architecture.

Archifest 2019
Archifest (Singapore Festival) is a festival that celebrates the importance of architecture in place-making. A city’s built, spatial environment coheres identity amidst the flux of global cities and captures the shared imagination of its people, even as Singaporeans collectively shape the making of the city towards the future.
Craft-A-Toy Kit
BEEP Craft-A-Toy encourages children to build a sustainable toy by themselves that is related to the 6 themes we have curated: 食.衣.住.行.育.乐. translated to Food, Fashion, Buildings, Transportation, Education and Play. At the end of the program, we would also like our participants to dedicate their work to a person. The person can be somebody they know or somebody that the participant would like to show his/her gratitude to.
Young Maker Fiesta 2019
In the Architect’s Studio, students are introduced to ‘Architecture Making’, offering a unique insight into the mind and work of an Architect. Students were introduced to the urban planning of Marina Bay, and its architectural layers, and were given a design challenge to design their own hotel on one of the plots. Using architecture processes, they developed a form and sketched a ground site plan.